Active and reactive power control of a brushless doubly fed reluctance machine using high order sliding modes

TitleActive and reactive power control of a brushless doubly fed reluctance machine using high order sliding modes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsValenciaga F
Conference NameElectrical Machines, 2008. ICEM 2008. 18th International Conference on
Date PublishedSept
Keywordsactive power control, brushless doubly fed reluctance machine, brushless machines, chattering free behavior, Converters, Costs, high order sliding modes, machine control, perturbed nonlinear dynamic models, Power conversion, power electronic converter, Power electronics, Pumps, reactive power control, reluctance machines, Sliding mode control, variable structure systems, variable-speed constant-frequency power generation system, Wind energy generation, Wind power generation

This article develops a decoupled active and reactive power control for a variable-speed constant-frequency (VSCF) power generation system based on a brushless doubly fed reluctance machine. This machine is a forthcoming low cost candidate for applications with limited variable speed requirements such as pumping and wind generation. Basically, it allows the use of a partially rated power electronic converter and, at the same time, offers a reliable and maintenance-free operation because of its brushless feature. The control design is approached through second order sliding mode techniques. This theoretical framework permits to deal with systems described by perturbed nonlinear dynamic models, obtaining simple controllers with a finite time reaching phase and a chattering free behavior. The controller performance is assessed through exhaustive simulations.

Research Line: 
Control theory
High order sliding mode algorithms
Algoritmos por modo deslizante de orden superior
Control of hybrid renewable systems and their integration to the grid
Control de sistemas híbridos de energías renovables y su integración a la red